Terms of business

All deliveries shall be carried out according to the following conditions which become valid as soon as an order has been placed. Any deviating conditions from the customer do not change the ones herein, nor make us liable.

  1. Offers
    Our offers are subject to alteration. The figures, descriptions, etc found on these pages are to be considered simply as terms of reference.

  1. Prices
    All prices include VAT. Price calculation and delivery terms are according to the valid prices and conditions on the day of shipment.

  1. Orders
    There is no minimum order value but for orders under 20 euros packing will be charged with 2 euros.

  1. Shipment
    The shipment normally takes place by mail on prepayed basis. Shipments within Germany that are worth more than 250 euros and less than 15 kg will be sent free of shipping and handling, unless they are bulky goods. Otherwise the buyer agrees to pay parcel freight and postal delivery charges.

    Rates (Status: Januar 2015):
    Weight classes Price in € Additional charges:
    up to 5 kg   6.99 Roll: + 1.50 €
    up to 10 kg   8.49 Bulk goods: + 20.00 €
    up to 31.5 kg 14.99

    All prices include taxes, maut, and insurance up to 750.00 € per parcel.

    All rates are subject of change until placing of order but not exceeding two month.

    Please ask for international shipping rates.

  1. Damage in Transit
    Obvious damages must be immediately confirmed from the transport company. Customers shall report per telephone or fax all damages within 24 hours of receiving the goods.

  1. Payment
    The customer shall pay 50% for remittance work, and 100% for goods of the total costs in advance. We reserve the right to charge default interest and/or discount charges on delayed payments. We reserve the right to immediately collect outstanding debts from a customer if his credit rating is proven bad. We also reserve the right to partially or entirely drop current purchasing orders.

  1. Retention of Title
    The delivered goods remain our property until complete payment of the purchase price, as well as the payment of all previous and future delivery of goods within the business relationship, including all accessory claims. Until then, the buyer is not allowed to pledge the goods to a third party nor use them as security. The buyer is merely the custodian, but reserves the right to use the goods accordingly in a selling process. The buyer will transfer debts that emerge from resale or any other legal basis with a third party to us as a form of security. Until the buyer has completely paid the purchase price, sentence one of this paragraph applies, i.e. the goods remain our property. We are to be immediately notified in the case of a distraint. We reserve the right to take back the goods.

  1. Delivery Time
    Only deadlines and appointments that we have confirmed in writing apply. We are not liable nor take responsibility for delays in delivery or other services that are due to reasons beyond our control and may even make the delivery impossible, such as difficulties in acquiring materials, operations breakdown, strike, lockouts, lack of personnel, lack or failure of transport means, official ordinances, traffic accidents, or traffic jams - even if this occurs with our suppliers or sub-suppliers. We reserve the right to postpone the delivery and/or service by the length of time lost due to a hindrance of this nature or withdraw from the contract partially or entirely if it cannot be fulfilled.

  1. Warranty
    We claim liability for the quality of our sold goods only by repairing or replacing at our option material or manufacturing flaws that occurred within the legal or agreed by contract deadline. Further claims, such as compensation for damage are excluded.
    Special warranties apply for remittance work that has been cared for and used properly: punching and braiding work - 5 year, seams and pearl embroidery (except on moccasins) - 2 years.

  1. Returned Goods
    The buyer shall only return goods after receiving an explicit consent from us. All return shipments are to be sent delivery free.

  1. Place of Fulfillment
    Place of delivery and payment is Mannheim, Germany.

  1. Place of Jurisdiction
    Mannheim, Germany, or in the case of a procedure of declaring bankruptcy, in the nearest jurisdiction for insolvency.

  1. Safeguarding Clause
    If one of these conditions is invalid, the legal regulation shall replace it. The other conditions will not lose their validity as a result.

  1. Bank Account Information
    Sparkasse Rhein Neckar Nord
    Bank Code: 670 505 05
    Account number: 332 55 705
    Swift Code: MANSDE - 66
    IBAN: DE - 90 6705 0505 0033 255705

  1. Tax numbers
    German Tax Number: 37172/36469
    European Tax Number: DE200338700