In thee cliffs of the Tsegi-Canyon in the Navajo Indian Reservation in Arizona lies

                                --- Betatakin ---

A pueblo that was founded between 1250 and 1260 in a 240 feet high cliff cave. Betatakin translated literally means "house in the cliff".
The people that settled Betatakin called themselves "Anasazi".
At that time, Betatakin was an important trading center in the southwest.
Due to ecological reasons, the next generation had to move south, where their probable descendants, the Hopi, still live today. For a long time, the Navajos were considered to be the Anasazi descendants, but now experts are sure they are not. The translation of "Anasazi" in the Navajo language means, "the old ones that were our enemies".

Still today, people can visit the ruins and admire the artifacts of this past advanced civilization.

This trading center has come to an end, yet is not forgotten.
In memory of the ancient Betatakin, we would like to contribute to the preservation of American history and the American Indian culture.